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Time saved is money saved and in the Bering Sea, knowing where to find gear quickly is priceless


Our customer is a family business that owns and operates two 100ft+ crab vessels that operate in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab fisheries. Like many vessels in their fleet, the ability to harvest their gear efficiently and safely is the key to a successful trip. Whether battling massive tides and currents in the Aleutians or working the edge of the sea ice in the Bering Sea, locating gear before conditions change is the key to minimizing time on the water and maximizing profits.

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How we helped

Our buoys were deployed by both vessles for the 2020-21 Aleutian golden king crab season, helping us refine our software and communication settings. In the process, we gathered previously-uncaptured data on the behavior of unattended buoys, including repeated dives for extended periods of time to depths of over 150 meters. The ability to know in advance which gear was submerged allowed the vessel skippers to focus on gear that was readily harvestable, plotting a recovery path with maximum efficiency. Our automated system identified and alerted on multiple pieces of errant gear including a line that had severed and allowed the recovery in real time of approximately 100lbs of floats and lines that would otherwise have been lost. The crews found our buoys easy to handle, easy to swap out, and were delighted by our intuitive, user-friendly mobile app.

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per string of
gear of up to

7 hours

Where we go from here

This customer continues to increase their fleet of Farallon buoys and will be expanding the use of our technology to the Bering Sea snow crab fishery this year. Alaskan snow crabbers regularly lose thousands of dollars in gear to the ever changing ice shelf. In addition to tracking their gear amidst winter storms, our technology offers the ability to receive water surface temperature alerts so that our customers can harvest their traps before they are trapped in the ice.

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