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How It Works

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Where rugged meets sophisticated

Designed with fisherman feedback in mind

Our Farallon buoys were designed in close partnership with real fishers with a primary focus on meeting their demanding operational needs. Our product is small and light enough to be stored inside a Dungeness crab or lobster pot, but durable enough to be bounced off the deck or whipped around by 20 foot Arctic seas. It integrates seamlessly with a wide spectrum of fixed gear: from trap to longlines, gillnets and even FADs, attaching as a trailer buoy or alongside the existing gear. There is no on/off switch, just an automatic sensor that turns the buoy on when it hits the water.

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Easy to set up, intuitive to use

Our technology is automated but also customizable. Our buoys recognize when they are in the water, underwater, out of the water and alert the user to anything out of the ordinary - whether being dragged by a trawler, moved by a storm or otherwise entangled. We capture valuable data such as temperature, depth and acceleration that can be later accessed and analyzed via our cloud-based web interface or API. Our buoys are designed to last a full season between charges, offering critical information without requiring any special training for crew members.

Track your gear anywhere, anytime

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Universal connectivity via dual communication modes

Global coverage from the Iridium satellite network paired with on-the-water communication via radio

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Customizable, intelligent alerts

Alerts to your phone via SMS or the Buoy Locator app when a piece of gear has moved beyond a set radius, resurfaces or becomes entangled

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Data analysis

Historical data and analytics via BlueVue web-based interface

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Getting set up is a breeze

1. Consult with our team

Our customer service team will help you find the right initial hardware package and software settings for your fishery.

2. Rig and activate

Once the buoys arrive at your dock, getting them activated takes only a few minutes. Attach them to your gear and you're all set.

3. Set your gear

That's it! You can now set your gear like you normally would. You can monitor the buoys via the desktop or mobile interface.

Interested in a purchase?

Our team is excited to get you started using our buoys. Let us show you how we can help you save time and money and achieve peace of mind knowing where your gear is at all times.

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